Japanese is spoken by over 130 million people, both in Japan
and in Japanese communities all around the world. In fact,
you probably know a lot of Japanese words already! Words
like sudoku, tsunami, bonsai, karate, samurai, karaoke,
manga and origami have all become part of the English
language. And it’s likely that your local supermarket stocks
shı – take mushrooms, edamame beans and nashi pears!
Japanese isn’t as hard to learn as you might think – most
sounds are similar to English and they are pronounced
consistently. There are no genders, plurals or articles, and
verbs stay the same whether “I” or “she” is doing it. Further the Japanese sentence pattern is similar to that of most of the Indian languages like Subject + Object +Verb whereas for English it is Subject +Verb + Object. Therefore learning Japanese is easier for Indians than those whose mother tongue is English.

For example:

I ran in to my house. (Subject : I, Verb: ran, Obeject: in to my house)

Mai mere ghar me bhag gaya. (Subject: Mai, Object: Mere ghar me, Verb: Bhag Gaya)

Watakushiha ie ni tobidashita (Subject: Watakushiha, Object: ie, Verb: ni tobidashita)

E.g. Subject +Verb+ Object

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